Satisfied customers? You bet!

We have many new and returning customers who are very satisfied with the quality of our products.

“The results are exceptional. The water is so clear you can see the fish. Nature’s Pond has enhanced the beauty of this natural ecosystem, and made us very satisfied pond owners.”

— Fraser Wilson, Ontario

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Fraser Wilson - Testimonial - Pond & Trees - Low Rez for Website.jpg

“Since we started using Nature's Pond Conditioner in conjunction with the Koenders Aeration Windmill our pond looks great! We haven’t had to do anything else to it. Nature's Pond Conditioner is also very easy to apply.”

— John Pagano, New York

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John Pagano - Fall Pond - Lower Rez for Website .jpg

Even the bears love our pond

"I wish I heard about Koenders a long time ago. I initially started with chemicals but there was no end to 'feeding the beast' because of the amount of chemicals that needed to be put in as it wasn't actually treating the water issue, it's just killing off the resulting algae.

Koenders products have made a huge difference in the appearance and health of our pond. Thanks for all your help.

We use Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra Concentrate and Koenders HD250 Electric Aerator."

— Dan, Novato, California

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Leaving more to the land than as we came to it

"Your product was made of great quality. I was not disappointed when my high school best friend Rito and I got to erect this windmill together in our retirement. We had no problems with parts and quality-very, very nice including the bag of spare parts. I would recommend the Nature’s Pond Care products as a healthy choice to enhance the benefits and bring out the full potential of a pond and its contribution to the quality of life on our properties. It helps treat the muck that can accumulate over time, and minimizes excessive algae effects. It is healthier for every critter that interfaces with my pond, besides myself."

— Jim, Wisconsin

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Jim 3.jpg

My Irrigation Pond

Clark has a 10-acre farm and uses his pond for irrigation. He has a Koenders 12ft Windmill and uses Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra Concentrate. He is very proud of his pond and you can see why. See the before and after pictures below.

— Clark, Calgary Alberta


Brandon can now see his fish! Water so clear!

Brandon and his grandparents' Koenders Windmill has been running for 20 years. He recently started using Nature's Pond Conditioner and is amazed. He said, "When you walk up to feed the fish, you see them coming from way out. The water is so clear."

— Brandon, Indiana USA

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20200529_165515 -1.jpg

Happy with his Improved Pond

Mark has a 1.25 acre pond. He has a Single Diaphragm Koenders Windmill for aeration and has been using Nature's Pond Conditioner ULTRA since spring 2019.

— Mark, Beaumont, Texas

Mark Banks.jpg

Blair and Jax Enjoy Ice Fishing

Thanks to Koenders aeration and Nature's Pond Conditioner, we are able to enjoy ice fishing again this winter.

— Blair and Jax in Manitoba

Blair and Jax 1.jpg
Blair and Jax 2.jpg

I Love my Koenders Windmill

Such a beauty to look at my Koenders Windmill in John Deere green.

— Wayne, Nova Scotia

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lynch small2.jpg

Tom Installed his New Windmill

Tom was happy to take pictures of installing his new windmill...he said it was pretty easy, once you follow the instructions. He also said the service he got from us was great!

— Tom, Mono ON


Pond Made Beautiful for Wedding!

Our pond is 1.5 million gallons and we have been using Koenders Windmill for 10+ yrs, ULTRA concentrate conditioner and dye for 3-4 years. We recently had a wedding next to our pond.

— Dick, Olds Alberta

pond 5.jpg
pond 6.jpg
syd and dale 10.jpg

We can see the bottom of our pond!!

We are using a Koenders Water Solutions 16 ft Single Diaphragm Windmill System as well as Nature's Pond Conditioner and Dye to keep our swimming pond clean and clear and we can see the bottom at 16 ft deep.

— Patti and Peter, Poplar Forest Lodge and Campground, East Selkirk Manitoba


New Pond Doing Well

We purchased Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra concentrate and the Dye along with Koenders Water Solutions Aerator with 4 air stones and all accessories needed.

We just dug the pond in the winter of 2017 and used it for the first time in the summer of 2018. Andrew and Doug (Pond Specialists) were very helpful in creating a maintenance schedule to ensure the pond lasts a long time.

The pond stayed a nice blue all summer with a few weeds starting when the dye was getting dimmer. This was mentioned to Andrew and we are now adjusting our dye application by applying it in more often but less. We had probably put too much at the beginning instead of spreading out the first application. Our pond is still in the very early stages. This year will really tell us how the product is working following a more spread out dye schedule.

— Francois, Manitoba


Winter Pond Fishing is Fun!!

In September, before the water froze up, we treated the pond with Nature's Pond Conditioner to clean water so the fish stay healthy all winter. Throughout the winter, we keep the trout healthy by using Koenders Aeration System.

— Blair in Manitoba

Blair Meyers smalll.jpg
Blair Meyers4 small.jpg
Blair2 small.jpg

Not only is it beautiful to look at but extremely functional!

We’ve had our windmill for over 15 years. It has aerated our pond keeping it weed free, the fish surviving and multiplying. Not only is it beautiful to look at but extremely functional. Your customer support has been outstanding. Thank you!

— Kevin and Rhonda in Wisconsin


Windmills making waves across Ukraine!!

Koenders Windmills are being put up all across Ukraine, thanks to our friend there, Oleksandr Tukalov. He sent us some beautiful pictures of them.

— Oleksandr Tukalov

Windmill in Ukraine 2 small.jpg
Windmill in Ukraine 3 small.jpg

Impressed with How Well it Works!

We have been using Nature’s Pond Conditioner for several years now to treat our large pond with great results and have since added one of the Koenders Aeration Windmills to add the additional aeration we felt our pond was missing. We are impressed how well it works to provide sufficient air to all 3 diffusers.

— Jim, St Charles, MO

jimstiegemeier windmill photo.jpg

Drastic Difference in 7 Weeks!

We saw a drastic difference in 7 weeks. Installation went very well. We have been following the schedule you sent on pond conditioner and pond dye. The picture says it all. Couldn’t be happier.

— Sam, Granbury TX


Significant Improvement in the Water Quality

I have mainly been concerned about algae control. In the past we would use dangerous algaecides to keep the algae down in our water for we did not know or understand that there was a better, safer way to keep our water clean. We would just keep putting chemicals in our pond, over and over, the algae would go away for a while and then come right back again and again. We thought nothing of treating the water several times each season. We now understand that this was not only dangerous but also not a sustainable way to keep our pond clean.

Then we discovered Nature's Pond 3 step program. Since embracing this approach and switching to the Koender’s Water Solutions 3 Step Plan to pond maintenance; which involved using our pond rake to rake away as much algae and weeds as we could. When the duck weed would blow to the side of the pond we would rake it out; aerate our pond with a Koender’s bottom up aeration windmill to add increased oxygen levels into the water; applying the Nature’s pond conditioner and Nature's Pond Dye treatment plan, the results speak for themselves.

We have noticed a significant improvement in the water quality and our pond as you can see by the attached photos is clean and clear and we are not getting recurring algae formations like we used to when we used toxic algaecides. I am very happy with the results and it’s been much less labour intensive and costly than using pond chemicals.

— James, Round Mountain, TX

pond 1.jpg

Thanks for exceeding our expectations!

We installed our windmill aeration system about 15 years ago because we heard that aerating your pond with oxygen bubbles coming from the bottom up is the best way to keep the fish healthy all year round.

We heard a lot about Koenders Windmills and so we decided to install a unit. Koenders Windmill looks great and we really enjoy watching it turn and generate oxygen for our pond at no cost, it just keeps turning.

Since installing this windmill we have done nothing to it for 15 years. We were told that we may need to do a little maintenance every 5-7 years which I thought was quite reasonable. However, It's rare to have a manufacturer set lower expectations for their products than are actually achieved.

This Koenders Windmill aeration system has kept our pond open in the winter and our fish healthy and happy all year round. We have never had a fish kill and can tell you that we are extremely happy with Koenders products. Thanks for exceeding our expectations!

— Rich Rethamel, Perry, MI

Sue's Happy With the Campgrounds Lagoon

We have been using the Koenders Aeration Windmill and their Nature’s Pond Blend on our campground lagoon for less than a year and it is making a huge difference in the clarity of the lagoon water at our campground. Even this early in the season, I am able to see down almost 4 feet compared to no visibility last year at all. I haven’t measured our total suspended solids yet this year but have a filter installation planned for our pumps to address this. I will keep you posted!

The first photo was before and the next was just a few weeks after installing the windmill and putting in the Nature’s Pond Blend late in the fall. You can see it started to work right away.

— Sue, Rideau Acres Campground, Kingston ON


Nature's Pond Conditioner and our Koenders Windmill Aeration system is a great combination for clean and clear water, which produces healthy and large rainbow trout!

— Bryan, Pincher Creek, Alberta

Bryan Zsumlas.jpg

20 Years and Going Strong!

We have a bee keeping farm east of Calgary and on our farm we have a recreational fish pond that we stock with trout.

Our Koenders Windmill has been aerating this pond for over 20 years and it is only recently that we have had to do a little maintenance on it.

This 2018 winter was a very long one, it was cold with lots of snow but thanks to our windmill aeration system there was no fish kill. As you can see from the photos we catch some beautiful trout in our water. What a great product!

— John, Calgary, Alberta

John Zwiers1.jpg
John Zwiers2.jpg
John Zwiers3.jpg
John Zwiers4.jpg

Switched from Chemical Treatments and is Happy!

We have a 3/4 acre pond that is 10-12 ft Deep. In the past we have treated our water with chemicals (Algaecides and Herbicides) that we purchased from the local farm stores. When we learned more about them we realized that we were sticking poison in our water to kill off aquatic vegetation. The vegetation would always come back and in recent years we started getting a rust color in our water. Nothing seemed to get rid of this brown rust color in our water including a weird oil film floating on top of the pond.

We needed to try a different approach, that is when we learned about Nature's Pond Care program. We have an aeration system in the pond and its a bottom up aeration unit so we learned that was important. We then treated our water with Nature's Pond Conditioner. The first year we did 3 treatments. Once every 6 weeks or so, WOW! what a difference! Our pond is finally clean and clear.

Amazing product, something that finally works to keep our pond healthy and clean.

Thanks !

— Mark Scofield, U.S.A.

Mark Scofield.jpg

Windmill 15 Years and Maintenance Free!!

We have been aerating our pond on the farm with a Koenders Windmill Aeration System for 15 years and it has been maintenance free all this time. So when we were looking to augment the aeration in the water about three years ago we decided to stay with the Koenders products because of the brand quality and reliability. We installed a Koenders HD 250 Electric aeration system along with the windmill to help provide more aeration in the really hot months of summer because of all the trees that had grown up around the pond which had cut down the pond's wind exposure.

Our fish have always been in pretty good health from the aeration but we were still having to spend hours raking out weeds. We do not believe in the use of toxic algaecides to kill off aquatic vegetation for a number of reasons, the least of which, we don't like the idea of catching fish out of a chemically treated pond and eating them. Nothing we tried seemed to work.

Finally, we learned about Nature's Pond Care program powered by Koenders Water Solutions. The process of bottom up aeration, nature's pond conditioner treatments and removing unwanted aquatic vegetation with a tool called "Cutter N Rake" made alot of sense so we started on the program 2 years ago. Last summer was the first time in years that I did not have to rake out weeds. Our water is clean, clear and healthy and even the deer like to drink from it.

We are also using your Nature's Pond Dye in between our Nature's Pond Conditioner treatments and it has done a great job as well. Thanks for your commitment to the environment and to your customers.

— Robert Goetz, Blissfield, MI


Excellent Customer Service

I wish to thank you for the excellent service on ordering the crankshaft for my pump. People I dealt with were great and the service was outstanding, Thank you very much.

— Larry Templeman