Wind-powered Aeration provides your lake, pond, or dugout with bottom-up aeration , which enhances oxygen levels throughout the whole pond, not only the surface, clearing the water naturally, allowing fish, pets and wildlife to live in a healthier environment. By using bottom up aeration, you will prepare and look after your pond for each and every season without stagnant and murky water.

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Selecting your Windmill

Single Diaphragm Windmill System:

Ideal for smaller ponds up to one acre and depths up to 25 feet.

They can run up to 2 airstones and can transfer up to 25,000 cubic feet of oxygen per month into your water source.

This system comes with 100 feet of Polytubing Airline and 1 Airstone Diffuser with Foot Valve.

Dual Diaphragm Windmill System:

Suited for irregularly shaped or larger ponds exceeding one acre and depths up to 25 feet. This variant provides double the air volume for more extensive aeration.

They can run up to 3 airstones and can transfer up to 50,000 cubic feet of oxygen per month into your water source.

This system comes with 200 feet of Polytubing Airline, 2 Airstone Diffusers with Foot Valves, and a 2 Way Selector Valve.

  • Remote or Off-Grid Locations: Areas without easy access to electricity can benefit immensely from wind-powered aeration.
  • Cost-Effective Aeration: Windmill aerators are an economical choice, reducing energy bills and maintenance costs.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: For those seeking sustainable and environmentally friendly options, windmill aerators offer a green alternative to eliminate or reduce power consumption.
  • Supplemental Aeration: In larger lakes, windmill aeration can complement electric systems, ensuring efficient oxygen distribution.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: For those who enjoy a farmhouse and traditional style, windmill aeration systems are the perfect choice to beautify your water feature.


- Recreational lakes and ponds

- Farm ponds and dugouts

- Fish farms

- Waste water and Sewage lagoons

Maximizing Efficiency

Windmill Height

When selecting your windmill height consider the wind conditions in your area, and the surroundings. Ideally locate your windmill in an area free from obstructions. However If there are tall trees you might want to consider a lower tower or contrary for lower trees consider a tall tower. Moreover if the windmill will be located in a valley the tower needs to be tall. Typically the taller the windmill the more wind it can access, providing more airflow.

Single and Dual Diaphragm Windmill Aerator sizes: 12’, 16’,20’ and 24’.

Windmill Positioning

The efficiency of a windmill aerator is directly influenced by its height, positioning and wind availability. By placing the windmill in a higher location and optimizing its actual height, you will increase its exposure to wind. This results in enhanced wind capture and a more effective aeration process.

At Koenders Water Solutions, we pride ourselves 
on being pioneers in windmill water aeration technology. 
Our journey began in 1988 when we invented the first Windmill Aeration System in Canada. 
Customers around the world enjoy the benefits from their windmills, having clear and healthy water in their ponds .

Built for Durability and Low Maintenance

Our windmills are constructed with the highest quality materials, ensuring longevity and minimal upkeep. They are designed to operate efficiently even in low wind conditions, making them a reliable choice for your water aeration needs.

We manufacture our windmills to perform in the toughest prairie conditions. You can rest assure that your windmill will be standing and working.

Watch the video of a Koenders windmill standing after Hurricane Ian.

Our clients around the world

A look to their experiences!

Sue's Happy With the Campgrounds Lagoon

We have been using the Koenders Aeration Windmill and their Nature’s Pond Blend on our campground lagoon for less than a year and it is making a huge difference in the clarity of the lagoon water at our campground.

Even this early in the season, I am able to see down almost 4 feet compared to no visibility last year at all. I haven’t measured our total suspended solids yet this year but have a filter installation planned for our pumps to address this. I will keep you posted!

The first photo was before and the next was just a few weeks after installing the windmill and putting in the Nature’s Pond Blend late in the fall. You can see it started to work right away.

— Sue, Rideau Acres Campground, Kingston ON

My Irrigation Pond

Clark has a 10-acre farm and uses his pond for irrigation. He has a Koenders 12ft Windmill and uses Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra Concentrate. He is very proud of his pond and you can see why. See the before and after pictures below.

— Clark, Calgary Alberta

We're Here to Help

Choosing the right windmill can be daunting, but we are here to help. Whether you need guidance on selecting the appropriate model or have questions about installation, feel free to reach out to us at 1-877-888-7707 or fill in the Contact form below.

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