When it comes to having a healthy pond, there is no foe more infamous than pond scum. You feel powerless as your pristinely clear pond disappears in a shroud of slime and stink. Fear not! Koenders Water Solutions is here to help.

Algae tends to “bloom” or flourish in the springtime, coming over like an unwelcome green and brown guest, spreading a blanket of unsightly, odorous vegetation. Aquatic algae is classified as a plant, but unlike most plants it has no roots, stems, or leaves. Pond algae floats on the surface, attaches to other plants, the bottom of your pond, or hard surfaces.

There are hundreds of types of aquatic algae, but pond algae can be boiled down to three categories; microscopic algae, green filamentous algae and attached erect algae.

Microscopic Algae

Microscopic algae, also known as phytoplankton, are tiny, free floating algae with a characteristic green color. Microscopic algae are the primary producers of dissolved oxygen in pond water. The presence of a healthy level of microscopic algae in a pond is important for maintaining good water quality and the health of aquatic organisms such as fish.

What usually happens in unhealthy ponds, is that there is too much microscopic algae, especially during the summer. Then a sudden die off of algae depletes oxygen levels in the water, which can kill aquatic organisms like fish.

A change in water colour might be a sign that a bloom of microscopic algae is happening; going from clear and greenish, to a brighter, more dense green.

Our aeration systems help prevent microscopic algae from getting out of control by adding a consistent flow of oxygen to your pond, and our Nature’s Pond Conditioner helps control excess levels of nutrients that microscopic algae feed on.

Green Filamentous Algae

There are many types of green filamentous algae that can survive in both cold and warm water, and can bloom in early spring.

Green filamentous algae tends to be visible in shallow water where there is more sunshine, and looks like thin grass or hair; growing in balls along the bottom and edges of the pond, and as the algae accumulates and floats to the surface, forms thick blankets.

A sudden die-off of green filamentous algae can cause poor water quality by depleting oxygen levels, and cause unattractive, smelly conditions as the dead algae decays.

Our aeration systems prevent green filamentous algae from spreading by maintaining healthy oxygen levels, and our Nature’s Pond Conditioner eats up extra nutrients that green filamentous algae thrives on.

Attached Erect Algae

Attached erect algae is a less common problem for pond owners. Resembling an underwater plant that grows on the bottom, attached erect algae can become a nuisance if a pond is used for fishing and swimming.

Attached erect algae also goes by the name musk grass, and is often mistaken as a pond plant because of it’s leaf and stem-like appearance.

Our Cutter ‘N’ Rake can make short work of an infestation of attached erect algae in your pond.

Pond Algae Control

There are many ways to control algae. You can do your best to control excess nutrients, leaves, and rain runoff from getting into your pond. There are species of fish that eat algae.

One of the most effective ways to control algae is with a consistent flow of oxygen pumped from the bottom of your pond through aeration, which helps burn off excess nutrients that act as a food source for algae. When you combine bottom up aeration with a product made of a blend of beneficial bacteria that uses that extra oxygen to consume the nutrients that fuel algae growth naturally, maintaining your pond is simple and safe.

Koenders is a world leader in providing cost effective pond care solutions that are environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for chemical treatments. Our windmills are durable and operate in low wind conditions, and we have solar powered options for aeration and water pumping.

We have a simple, effective 3 Step Pond Care Program to help maintain the health of your pond that is natural and safe. To purchase our Nature’s Pond Conditioner, one of our aeration systems, Cutter ‘N Rake, or accessories, you can Order Direct Online or use our Locate a Dealer form to find a dealer close to you.