Welcome to Koenders Water Solutions' official website. We are committed to ‘Living Better and Saving the Planet’s Water, Nature’s Way’. From the rural community to the big city, we are one of the leading manufacturers of natural, environmentally safe pond care solutions and cleaning products in North America. Since 1988, Koenders Water Solutions has served over 100,000 customers worldwide.

Our Nature's Pond Conditioner is an all natural way to treat your pond or dugout and is completely safe for people, fish, pets, and the planet.

Nature's Pond 4-In-One is designed to metabolize fats, oils, and greases in drains and plumbing as well as consume nutrients and organic solids and sludge from your septic system.

We have high quality electric, wind, and solar aeration systems for any size pond.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

- Leonardo Da Vinci

Your journey to preserve and protect our freshwater resources starts here!

Pond Care Program

A pond is like your garden; proper maintenance is necessary to keep both healthy. The most effective and environmentally friendly way to take care of your pond is an all-natural solution, which keeps your pond clean without using harmful chemicals.

Our 3 Step Pond Care Program takes the hassle and guesswork out of maintaining your pond or lake. Here are the benefits of our easy-to-implement program:

  • Simplifies pond maintenance
  • Provides a proven, complete pond or lake care solution
  • Maintains the health of your water year-round
  • Natural products that are safe for people, pets, birds, fish & wildlife

From windmill and electric aeration, solar aeration and water pumps, to our Nature's Pond Care and Nature’s Home Care products, Koenders Water Solutions has been making environmentally friendly products for over 30 years. You can trust that our products are quality tested, reliable, safe, and eco-friendly.

Windmill Aeration

Feel the environmentally friendly breeze! Our patented windmill technology cleans your pond without using electricity.

Electric Aeration

Koenders Electric Aeration Systems breathe life into your pond by pumping oxygen into the water.

Solar Power

No wind? No problem! Our solar powered aeration and water pumps have you covered.

Decorative Fountains

Beautify your pond or lake with an energy efficient Decorative Fountain!

Nature's Pond Care

Our All-Natural Pond Care program Renews, Revives, and Removes.

Cutter 'N' Rake

Our Cutter N’ Rake is specially designed to remove unwanted vegetation from your pond.

Aeration Accessories

Need freeze control? We have a variety of aeration accessories available.

Maintenance, Repair
& Replacement Parts

Accept no substitutes! Keep your windmill or aeration system working with genuine parts.

Nature's Pond Cleaning Products

Our environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products are safe for people, pets and the planet.

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Koenders Water Solutions has worked with many different properties over the years. From Farmers and Municipalities, to Golf Courses and Pond Owners. Whether you have a dugout for livestock, or a pleasure pond for your family, we have a variety of environmentally friendly solutions for your property.


Whether a dugout or pond for cattle or crops, we have solutions that are safe and effective for your farm.

Recreational Properties & Acreages

Keep your pond safe and clean for your family and fish alike with our pond care solutions.

Off-Grid & Homesteaders

Live in harmony with nature! Our environmentally friendly solutions are safe for people, pets, and wildlife.

Golf Courses

Fore! Our natural and biodegradable solutions make it easy to maintain your penalty areas.

Public Works & Municipalities

From a public pond to a wastewater lagoon, maintain the health of your water resources with our eco-friendly solutions.


Notes & News

Pond Life During Winter
Pond Life During Winter


The Joy of Koi
The Joy of Koi

This blog discusses the history of koi, tips and care suggestions, and how to keep a koi pond clean and clear.


Cottage Country: Ecosystems,  Invasive Aquatic Plants, & Nutrient Pollution
Cottage Country: Ecosystems, Invasive Aquatic Plants, & Nutrient Pollution

Your cottage is part of the surrounding ecosystem. Nutrient pollution from an improperly maintained septic system can fuel aquatic plant and algae growth in a lake.


Our Customer Stories

“The results are exceptional. The water is so clear you can see the fish. Nature’s Pond has enhanced the beauty of this natural ecosystem, and made us very satisfied pond owners.”

Fraser Wilson, Ontario

“Since we started using Nature's Pond Conditioner in conjunction with the Koenders Aeration Windmill our pond looks great! We haven’t had to do anything else to it. Nature's Pond Conditioner is also very easy to apply.”

John Pagano, New York

Even the bears love our pond

"I wish I heard about Koenders a long time ago. I initially started with chemicals but there was no end to 'feeding the beast' because of the amount of chemicals that needed to be put in as it wasn't actually treating the water issue, it's just killing off the resulting algae.

Koenders products have made a huge difference in the appearance and health of our pond. Thanks for all your help.

We use Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra Concentrate and Koenders HD250 Electric Aerator."

Dan, Novato, California

Leaving more to the land than as we came to it

"Your product was made of great quality. I was not disappointed when my high school best friend Rito and I got to erect this windmill together in our retirement. We had no problems with parts and quality-very, very nice including the bag of spare parts. I would recommend the Nature’s Pond Care products as a healthy choice to enhance the benefits and bring out the full potential of a pond and its contribution to the quality of life on our properties. It helps treat the muck that can accumulate over time, and minimizes excessive algae effects. It is healthier for every critter that interfaces with my pond, besides myself."

Jim, Wisconsin

My Irrigation Pond

Clark has a 10-acre farm and uses his pond for irrigation. He has a Koenders 12ft Windmill and uses Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra Concentrate. He is very proud of his pond and you can see why. See the before and after pictures below.

Clark, Calgary Alberta

Brandon can now see his fish! Water so clear!

Brandon and his grandparents' Koenders Windmill has been running for 20 years. He recently started using Nature's Pond Conditioner and is amazed. He said, "When you walk up to feed the fish, you see them coming from way out. The water is so clear."

Brandon, Indiana USA

Happy with his Improved Pond

Mark has a 1.25 acre pond. He has a Single Diaphragm Koenders Windmill for aeration and has been using Nature's Pond Conditioner ULTRA since spring 2019.

Mark, Beaumont, Texas

Blair and Jax Enjoy Ice Fishing

Thanks to Koenders aeration and Nature's Pond Conditioner, we are able to enjoy ice fishing again this winter.

Blair and Jax in Manitoba

I Love my Koenders Windmill

Such a beauty to look at my Koenders Windmill in John Deere green.

Wayne, Nova Scotia
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